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Aniko Pasta Artigianale

Our Story

Building The Local Food Movement

Mark Gregorini
Our Story

A Journey Through Italian Culinary Traditions

The Gregorini family has owned and operated a fine dining restaurant and event centre in Sudbury, Ont. for the past 30 years. Known for their attention to detail and focus on high-quality food, the family utilizes recipes passed down from generations to realize their mission to deliver authentic Italian cuisine to a loyal following. Pasta has remained the heart of the restaurant menu since the businesses’ inception and making it available to the general public was an natural next step for the family.

Aniko Pasta Artigianale

Eat Better Pasta – Not More Pasta

Pasta is a staple in any Italian meal, although portion size differs between Mediterranean and Western diets. Italians enjoy pasta as a first course and a serving is not intended to constitute an entire meal like it does in North  America. To enjoy pasta as an Italian is to prepare it with authentic sauces, filled with meat, vegetables and other important nutrients.

When people think about cutting calories, they turn to limiting their consumption of pasta, which is not entirely the answer to healthy eating. Portion control and choosing high quality, nutrient dense foods are a general rule of thumb in the Mediterranean Diet. That’s why we source ingredients closest to home, to ensure freshness, an ultimate flavour and highest nutritional benefits.

Aniko Pasta Artigianale
Our Vision & Mission

To share the food and traditions of our ancestors and foster a connection between our land and wellness.

To create delicious high quality pasta products that people young and old love. We aim to be the leading pasta manufacturer in the region by focusing on high-quality ingredients and traditional culinary processes.

Meet Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Mark Gregorini

Founder & general manager

Laura Gregorini
Laura Gregorini

marketing & business development


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